Monolithically insulated AdBlue® container tanks made of polyester resins are available in two basic capacities of 3000 and 5000 l. All container solutions are manufactured exclusively with verified MID distribution systems in a form of an internal or external distributor allowing retail sales of AdBlue®. Dimensions of our tanks are optimized for petrol stations islands. The AdBlue® container tanks are as standard equipped with the LIPREMOS® precise liquid level measurement system allowing remote access to measurement data.


LIPREMOS® - precise liquid level measurement system.



  • a filling line ended with a TODO dry break coupling
  • leakage sensor
  • maximum level sensor
  • immersion pump
  • ZVA automatic refuelling nozzle for trucks
  • 6m distribution hose
  • reel wheel
  • piston flow meter
  • air vents
  • tank heating - blow-in
  • heating control thermostat
  • transparent filter
  • main switch - emergency power switch

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