Remote monitoring of liquid level - LIPREMOS®


The latest SWIMER product is LIPREMOS, namely a precise system for measurement of liquid levels. The system is composed of a PLI-100P controller, PLI-100B-3D hydrostatic probe and a digital temperature sensor. The controller is provided with a large 5-inch LED display which presents indications in liters, percent and a reference temperature of 15 degrees Celsius; it signalizes a low and a maximum level, it controls power supply to the pump, cutting it off when the minimum liquid level is achieved. Thanks to unique method of mounting of the hydrostatic probe and a digital temperature sensor, the system indicates the present amount of liquid with an accuracy to single liters, taking into account the phenomenon of thermal expansion of liquids.

The system can transmit data through GPRS, ensuring global access to information about any number of tanks.

  • Digital temperature sensor
    Digital temperature sensor
  • controller PLI-100P
    controller PLI-100P
  • Hydrostatic probe PLI-100B-3D
    Hydrostatic probe PLI-100B-3D

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