Diesel & AdBlue® (2in1)

Diesel and AdBlue® liquid available "off-the-shelf" in one tank!

Our tanks:

  • do not corrode,
  • do not deform
  • do not require painting and external maintenance,
  • do not fade, and are resistant to UV rays.


Our tanks are manufactured in Poland under the supervision of the Office of Technical Inspection. Each tank is accompanied by:

  • operational and maintenance documentation

  • operation manual for the tank

  • fire safety opinion

  • workplace safety instructions

  • manufacturer certificate issued by the Office of Technical Inspection

  • certificate of Construction and Pressure Testing issued by the Office of Technical Inspection

  • declaration of Conformity to EN 13341:2005+A1:2011

  • CE certificate

  • the structure of the double-walled tank complies with the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 18 September 2011 on technical conditions of the technical supervision to be met by non-pressurized and low-pressure tanks intended for storage of liquid flammable materials.

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